miércoles, 23 de junio de 2021

Poesía encontrada en un cajón


Far away from the electric lights


Far away from the electric lights

there is a place in the deep mind

where live the corporeal and solid dreams,

a world built with magic bricks.


Caverns with dragons under the hills,

rocky mountains where dwarves dig;

and in treehouses in the high tops

elves sing and dance under the moon.


To arrive at the fantasy land

to dance with faeries until dawn,

walk through the mist of your mind

to taste their magical golden drink

that makes happy but never ill.


In the deepest seas the merfolk lives

in coral houses with purple walls

ridding on dolphins, shaking waves,

their skin is blue and their hair es pale.


While trolls sleep in the deepest caves

they wake up when the sun sleeps

to hunt and drink in the darkest night

in the darkest forest, avoiding the light.


This is the land it´s beyond the veil

that covers the conscious mind.