martes, 14 de enero de 2020

Phantom Mech Ability

These rules were taken from the "Kell Hounds scenario pack" .

The MechWarrior MUST perceive himself as being virtually dead. Genetic predisposition: total characters STARTING attributes and divide by 5, rounding down. for example, BOD, DEX, LRN, CHA=24. 24/5=4.8=4. Roll that number of dice. If the result is greater than the starting attrib total then s/he has genetic predisposition.

Phantom 'Mech Skill will activate only if a character is holding off an overwhelming force to save his compatriots. First, add up the following: Points of damage or HTK taken divided by 10, 'Mech Piloting Skill, Leadership Skill, CHA, LRN, a roll of 2D6. If the total is more than 38, the power kicks in, if not then it will NEVER kick in.

Pilot with Phantom 'Mech Skill (when piloting a mech) is treated as though he were at double range and had moved ten or more hexes {even if he didn't move that round} These modifiers do not affect his ability to hit targets. The pilot also gets a +2 To-Hit Bonus. This bonus can be used in targeting or as a +or- modifier on the Hit Location Table, but only to modify results so that an arm or leg instead of the head or torso.

The psychological ramification will cause the character to seclude themselves for a number of years in introspection.