domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

The song of the souls

The Song of the Souls

Dark places with dark ligths,
in a dark dark city
with a dark population,
all in darkness.

Angels dressed in black
white demons in the temples
and white demons on a black sky.
Crossed swords in th sky
and black roses in the hearts.

Cream of dark dark life,
black blood in white bodies
that haven´t just been humans
that haven´t been people.

A dark white soul,
a wolf with human aspect,
a live full of poisson,
poisson of a dark dark love.

A cream full of live,
a cream full of love,
a lover called demon,
a demon with white soul.

A virgin spirit with black clothes,
clothes full of dark blood,
blood like love cream,
it´s the song of the souls