miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

I have a ring

I have a ring...

All the things that you want
All the things that you dream about
All these things are the things that I know
 You are a dream that appear to me every night
You are my hope, where I put all my illusions
But I´m not sure, what do you want
About me
With your dark eyes, and your dark hair
 Noone tzimisce was ever so beauty
Noone girl was ever so looked like me
Two minds, one heart
One dream, one desire
 A price to pay
That I´ll pay
300 km long
when I close my eyes, you are there
near to me,
I only must to close my eyes
You are the woman that I was looking for
Am I your man?
One ring to the dark vamp lady who stole mi heart
One ring to carry her to the nupcial meal
One ring to carry her to my live, where the shadows live.