lunes, 10 de agosto de 2015

Another not-love poem

Looking for a love

Summer time
A bad time
If you are a lonely soul
Looking for a love.

(You should)

Avoid the usual places
Where the couples spend their time
Go to the forgotten ones
Where the lost ones are.

Don`t go to the beach,
Don`t go to the squares.

Go to shadow places
Where the couples don´t go

Any time
It's a bad time
If in this superficial era
You are looking for a real love.

(You could)
Pray to forgotten gods
Burn an hecatomb
In ancient and dusty altars
But maybe you won't get anything.

This is the superficial era
You can get free sex
But not real love
Although you pay a lot. 

Summer time,
The worst time
If you are a lonely heart
Looking for a love.

All are lies
Or apologies
There are not true,
There is no hope to the classic lover

(There are)

Only superficial relations
And the sex is an entertaiment
You can get lost of those things
But the most difficult is find a true love.

I'm a classic lover,
A lone soul
Looking for a love
A real love....